Cryer expands with KeyKeg partnership

Ingredients supplier Cryer Malt is set to supply kegs to Australia’s brewers after a major deal with KeyKeg owner OneCircle.

Cryer Malt has agreed to supply the recyclable kegs and become part of the OneCircle reseller network in Australia.

The move is a strategic one for Cryer, which is aiming to become a comprehensive supplier to the brewing industry, in addition to supplying malt, hops and yeast.

David Cryer, general manager of Cryer Malt, called the move a “natural fit”.

“We have a new distribution centre in Melbourne and we were looking for opportunities to broaden our range of products that brewers need, and this was the perfect opportunity,” Cryer explained.

The growing range will also benefit smaller and regional brewers, he explained.

“It will allow us to offer combined pallets, which helps smaller brewers.

“We’ve seen it work in North America if a brewer is a long way from metropolitan areas, it’s hard to track your kegs, so it’s a good option for that and we like that they are a really good recyclable, recycled, sustainable option.”

While Cryer Malt has delved into the world of kegs historically, this is a new world for the business.

“We didn’t have a keg option at all but it’s an area others play in really effectively. We did sell secondhand kegs a long time ago and new ones, but the lightweight nature of KeyKegs plays quite well into supporting breweries outside the cities, where we can use our freight, co-pack some of these things, and they weigh very little.

“The cost of getting stainless steel kegs to more remote breweries is a palava. These kegs are suited to export markets primarily, and this is effectively internal export.”

OneCircle kegs like the KeyKeg is are made from 30 per cent recycled material and it is possible for 81 per cent of the materials of each KeyKeg to be re- used for a new KeyKeg.

While complete recyclability in a “closed loop” system is not yet available in Australia, OneCircle are working on it, now with the help of Cryer, and this cultural focus on sustainability was a key consideration for Cryer Malt in agreeing to the partnership.

“Cryer is focused on ESG [Environmental, Social & Governance] so we’re looking for all opportunities to recycle our packaging more effectively and this fits nicely into that remit.”

“We’re clearly hearing from investors and customers that the environment is important, and it’s important to us as individuals too.

“If we can deliver up something like this that is also a recyclable option like this, it’s a win-win.”

The reasons for backing a sustainable option like KeyKeg are twofold, Cryer explained.

“People want to see progress and we need to play our part, and it’s commercially sensible too. Sustainability, recycling, it’s a key element of what people need to do, and you ignore it at your peril.”

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