CUB announces new packaging for Carlton Dry

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New packaging for Carlton Dry

Australia’s most refreshing and uncomplicated beer is becoming even more straight-forward.

From today, all Carlton Dry stubbies will be fitted with easy-to-use ring pull caps instead of twist tops.

No more wondering if you need a bottle-opener or not. No more straining while your mates watch on. Just put your finger in and pull. It couldn’t be simpler, just like the beer.

As part of this change, the entire stubby has also been redesigned.

The new ring pull stubby will see the bottle size slightly reduced from 355ml to 330ml to help ensure it remains one of the most affordable beers on the market, at a time of rising brewing costs and government beer excise increases.

Carlton Dry Lime stubbies will follow with these changes before the end of the year.

Carlton Dry spokesman Hayden Turner said:

“In an increasingly complex world of political turmoil, financial uncertainty and coffee-infused beer with cinnamon tasting notes, people are crying out for the simple things.

“So we looked at ways to make our product even more straight-forward and ring-pull caps were the simple answer.

“Australia’s most refreshing and reliable beer is now even more uncomplicated.”

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