CUB expands the Yak family

Rusty Yak Gingery Ale

Carlton & United Breweries is set to welcome a new member to the Yak herd, with the launch of Rusty Yak – a new ginger ale craft beer expected to hit shelves, pubs and venues later this year.

Known for its irreverent and fun product launches, Yak Ales is enticing beer lovers through an integrated campaign across radio, video and social content, out of home as well as PR and guerrilla activity. The Unexpected Ginger campaign is based on the concept of a surprising discovery of the ginger gene at Yak Ales brewery leading to the creation of Rusty Yak, and calls upon Australians to help celebrate this bold and unique flavour.

Rusty Yak is a noticeably different flavored beer, standing out amongst the herd, just like its fellow red-haired friends. The launch of Rusty Yak is set to grow the category significantly, with ginger beer the fifth largest craft style in the market.

Designed for those seeking something a little unexpected, Rusty Yak packs a gingery aromatic punch, balanced with sweetness and rounded with malt. Featuring the combined characteristics of a light Pale Ale and the flavours of ginger, it is brewed using ginger extract as well as a signature Yakima Valley Cascade hops and an ale yeast.

Beer lovers can now be among the first to trial this new flavour before it officially launches, with a $500 reward offered to those who find one of the 100 hidden bottles of Rusty Yak inside a six pack of Fat Yak, Lazy Yak and Wild Yak.

Those in Sydney and Melbourne are likely to have seen the guerrilla style campaign, with chalk art and Wanted Posters displayed throughout the cities, urging Aussies to find the elusive red-haired Yak. The Rusty Yak has also been seen on the loose cruising around in the back of a ute in both cities, and recently made an appearance at Yak Ales annual BBQ Festival in Melbourne and Gosford.

Brian Phan, Brand Director at Carlton & United Breweries, said “We’re excited to introduce Australia to the newest member of the Yak herd through this cheeky campaign. Ginger is the fifth largest style in craft beer and growing, which might come as a surprise to some – just like it’s sometimes surprising to find a red-head in certain families.”

The hunt is on to find the newest member of the Yak Ale family, with six packs of Fat Yak, Lazy Yak and Wild Yak available nationwide at all leading bottle stores. For more information, visit

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