Dan Murphy's brings Bright's Hellfire Amber Ale on board

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Bright Brewery is thrilled to announce its partnership with Dan Murphy’s, which will see their beloved Hellfire Amber Ale stocked in every Dan Murphy’s store across Victoria from today.

Hellfire Amber Ale has rolled out to all 74 Victorian Dan Murphy’s stores, including its flagship South Melbourne store, which officially reopens today. In South
Melbourne, Hellfire sits alongside four other Bright Brewery beers including Alpine Lager,Blowhard Pale Ale, M.I.A. IPA and Bright Sour.

Hellfire Amber Ale is a staple of Bright’s core range line-up, and has been brewed continuously for 15 years, tweaked along the way to its current state of perfection by Head Brewer Reid Stratton.

The Dan Murphy’s partnership signifies the first state-wide ranging of a Bright Brewery beer in a large retailer and comes straight off the back off an incredibly tough year, after the Brewery was hit not just by the global pandemic but also bushfires in January 2020.

Bright Brewery National Sales Manager Evin Craney said the move was a “huge step forward” for the brewery.

“Our whole team has come together during, arguably, the hardest time imaginable to not only reinvent Bright Brewery for a larger audience but grow the brand from a small-town business to what it is now, with so much more still to come,” Craney said.

“It’s confirmation of a lot of hard work paying off, and being able to showcase Hellfire to such a wide audience after all these years is an incredibly exciting opportunity.”

Bright Brewery Marketing Manager Laura Gray said the brewery’s presence in the craft beer market had exploded in recent years.

“For the first 12 years of its life, Bright Brewery only existed within Bright for visitors to Bright,” Gray Said. “Then, three years ago, we built a multi-million dollar production facility to allow us to meet demand and started selling wholesale as well.

“Since then, we’ve built an army of partner venues and retailers around Australia – in every state and territory (except the NT) but our heart and soul remains in Victoria, so we are absolutely thrilled that beer lovers all over Victoria will now be able to easily and regularly find our beer at Dan Murphy’s.”

A rich and malty Amber Ale, Hellfire oozes with caramel sweetness and toasty highlights thanks to the complex blend of malts and fruity yeast. Its hypnotically fiery red colour inspired Bright to name it after Hellfire Gully – an exhilarating drop off the side of Victoria’s Mount Feathertop, known only to adventurous backcountry skiers.

“It’s the perfect beer for sipping around an Autumn campfire, with a rich Sunday roast, or after a day of adventuring in the mountains with friends,” Gray said.

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