Data tells all at CUB: Richard Oppy

Richard Oppy

Richard Oppy

Tracking all its campaigns against brand recognition metrics gives Carlton & United Breweries’ marketing team nowhere to hide, marketing director Richard Oppy has told marketing magazine CMO.

Oppy spoke to the magazine after recently being named in this year’s CMO 50, an annual list celebrating Australia’s most innovative marketers.

He said campaigns need to be extremely incisive to resonate with today’s consumers, who are overwhelmed with marketing messages.

“Where there is that window of opportunity for them to be open to your brand, you need to have a simple message that cuts through to smash that open,” he told the magazine.

“You have to be really clear on what your brand stands for, and when you launch or relaunch it, have that consistent message at every consumer touchpoint.”

Oppy said all of CUB’s campaigns are tracked against brand recognition and contribution metrics.

“Everything gets graded and no one can hide. It has changed the way our marketers are thinking,” he said.

“Rather than just do a funny ad, they’re being held accountable in terms of cost per brand and recognition. Putting some data and science behind it has really helped that.”

Oppy, who was named in the 26-50 bracket of the list, said his proudest moment over the past 12 months has been the turnaround of Pure Blonde.

In September, the marketing director told Australian Brews Newsthat 2016 had been CUB’s best year in a decade.

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