Devil’s Elbow Brewery to open next month

The New South Wales town of Dubbo will welcome its first brewery when Devil’s Elbow opens to the public on the first of July.

What was once a large patch of red dirt six months ago has been transformed into a 700-square-metre, 400-capacity two storey building that houses a bar, cafe, kitchen, brewery and roastery as well as a beer garden and parking lot.

Named after a bend in the Macquarie River that runs through Dubbo, Devil’s Elbow Brewery has been five years in the making.

The executive team comes from a variety of business backgrounds – from marketing to accounts and coffee roasting. O’Sullivan told Brews News in January that the entire team is excited about a career change.

The brewery is now home to a 12hL brewhouse manufactured by a China-based brewing equipment manufacturer Bespoke Brewing Solutions after coming highly recommended by industry contacts. Accompanying the brewhouse are four 12hL and one 24hL fermentation tanks and three 12hL and one 24hL bright tanks.

O’Sullivan said that the new kit will be commissioned within the next two weeks, with Devil’s Elbow should have its first on-premise brew day on July 18. Along with a pH correction system, O’Sullivan said that the brewery will be supported in part by solar.

O’Sullivan has engaged Newcastle-based brewer Lachy MacBean to develop the Devil’s Elbow range of beers.

“Our search for a brewer was aided by friends and mentors in the craft beer industry,” he explained.

“Whilst still brewing his own brand of beer at Grainfed Brewing Company… Lachie has agreed to work with us to develop great drinking craft beer in the Central West and beyond.”

Set to open on July 1, four of the brewery’s 10 beers will be available, including a pale ale, a mid-strength lager, the Nosey Bob Red Ale and a German-style Small Arms Lager. The following six beers will be released over July and August, with a grand opening set for the middle of September.

O’Sullivan told Brews News that the beers have been named for the local communities and identities that have made their mark on the area in and around Dubbo. Located in the Blueridge Business Park, O’Sullivan said that Devil’s Elbow is the only food and beverage option in the 400-people industrial site.

“There are a lot of people who will be wanted to be fed and watered all day long and then we’ve got our weekend trade,” he explained.

“We’re right on the highway that comes into Dubbo and we have thousands of cars passing every day, so we’re expecting a lot of tourists to come here as well.

“Until we find out otherwise, we’re going to be trading seven days a week.”

While there is a craft beer offering in the nearby towns of Mudgee and Orange, Dubbo’s Devil’s Elbow Brewery will be the largest craft brewery in the area.

Devil’s Elbow cafe and brewery will open from 6:30am for coffee and will go into lunch and then dinner service till 10pm. An Italian pizza oven will take centre stage in the venue, which, O’Sullivan said can produce 200 pizzas an hour.

Devil’s Elbow Brewery is located at 1/12 Blueridge Drive, Dubbo NSW 2830.

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