Five normal GABS beers to try

gabsThe GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest kicks off in Melbourne on Friday and as always, mainstream media coverage is focused on the most outlandishfestival beers brewed for the event.

“Our PR team, every year they are asking me what are the really way out beers, what are the wacky beers? Because the media love it!” GABS organiser Steve Jeffares told Australian Brews News.

“But in the last few weeks I have been working with our PR team to make sure there’s a balance there.”

If the idea of drinking beers made with bellybutton yeast and/or whale vomit (ambergris) does not pique your interest, here is ourselection of 2016’s more conventional entries:

27 Bridge Road Brewers – Creek (Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer)
“Bridge Road’s take on a traditional Belgian Lambic ‘Kriek’. This was kettle soured to encourage sour lactic bacteria, then combined with sour cherries.”

60 Kereru Brewing Company Limited – Black Ruby Imperial Stout (Russian Imperial Stout)
“This Russian Imperial Stout, a style that has its roots in British brewing exports into Russia in the 18th century, is deep and lush. The black malts give complex layers of dark chocolate, coffee and raspberries.”

72 Moon Dog Craft Brewery – Duke St Draught (Pale Lager)
“In the spirit of one of Australia’s most iconic, Very Best, Lagers. This has the finest Australian ingredients and fresh dry hops. For a discerning thirst earned, hard.”

78 Nail Brewing – Red Carpet (IPA – Specialty)
“Nail have taken their famous Red Ale and rolled out the red carpet. This imperial version is bigger and more bad ass. Supersized, just as you’ve always wanted.”

118 Yak Ales – Wild Yak (Australian Pale Ale)
“This Yak has Melba and Galaxy hops for tropical fruit aromas, complemented by the delicate citrus of Cascade hops. Wheat malts provide a light palate to round out the low bitterness.”

GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest is in Melbourne on May 20-22, Sydney on May 27-28 and Auckland on June 18. Further details are available here.

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