Flamin Galah Brewing Co to launch NSW brewpub

Flamin Galah

Flamin Galah Brewing Co has announced plans of a brewpub in the New South Wales town of Huskisson, estimated to open later in 2020.

Co-owners Sam and Claire Hewson said their passion for brewing started in 2017 when they began homebrewing out of their kitchen.

They were on holiday in Bali in April 2019 when they first shared the idea of turning a hobby into a career.

“I’m pretty sure we were pissed at the time but that’s when all good ideas come to fruition,” Sam said.

The team is currently brewing using a homebrewing kit and are operating as wholesale and producer only while they set up the brewpub.

Currently the project is self-funded, but Sam explained they would look to approach investors to help fund the project in the future.

“We wanted to get the brewery up and running and producing, but self-funded before we pitch to investors,” he said.

Sam explained that they have struggled to get the brewery up and running due to several complications with the local council and development application process.

“There are so many forms and applications to fill out and we have no idea what half of it means,” he said.

“Finding someone to explain something to you in simple terms who knows what they are talking about is hard enough.

“Some people have provided us with information that has set us back and made us spend way more money, and being self funded – every cent hurts.”

The team said the issues they have met with Flamin Galah inspired them to reach out to others to encourage them not to give up.

“We started up a YouTube channel to encourage others to follow their own brewery dreams,” Claire said.

“Craft beer is a really cool industry to be a part of, it is hard, but it will pay off in the end and we get to do something we love,” Sam said.

The home-based brewhouse currently features a three vessel system with a 270-litre kettle.

The team is updating the setup with larger fermenters ordered from China, which are expecting to land in March, due to delays linked to the Coronavirus.

There are four core beers confirmed in the brewpub opening line up, including an XPA, Iwataki IPA, Cosmos IPA and Pilot New England IPA.

“We have a total of ten recipes developed that I’m happy with, we just need to go over the can labels,” Sam said.

Claire is currently developing a recipe targeted towards women, in an attempt to increase the overall demographic of women in beer.

“I have so many friends who are women and do not drink beer because of the taste,” Claire said.

“The beer is based on an Amaretto sour cocktail, very lemony and nice cherry notes make it a bit sweeter, hopped lightly with Galaxy hops, lemon skins and amaretto liquor,” she said.

The Flamin Galah team is hoping to have the brewery up and running by late 2020.

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