Foo Fighters is Young Henrys’ latest scalp

Young Henrys Brewing Company has collaborated with one of the biggest names in rock n’roll, Foo Fighters, on a new limited edition Foo Fighters beer.

The band’s representatives approached the brewery to create a special Foo Fighters beer for their upcoming Australian tour, founder Richard Adamson told Brews News.

Foo Fighters beer Foo Town

Young Henrys and Foo Fighters’ Foo Town

He said frontman Dave Grohl had enjoyed a couple of Newtowners when he was last in Sydney, and the band also had ties with local acts Young Henrys has previously collaborated with.

“The Delta Riggs toured with them in the US, and so did DZ Deathrays. I think there was just a lot of familiarity about what we do through that,” Adamson said.

“We feel really privileged to be asked to be part of it and I don’t think that would have happened if it wasn’t through a genuine connection with rock n’ roll and the support that we’ve given indie bands in Australia. It’s nice that that’s been recognised.”

Adamson said Young Henrys has previously collaborated with 15 or more Australian music acts, but the Foo Fighters beer is undoubtedly its biggest scalp.

“They’re probably the biggest band in the world right now, I would suggest, so they were pretty high on my list,” he said.

‘Foo Town’ is a hopped up lager that will be available exclusively at the Foo Fighters pop-up pubs listed below during the tour.

Cans of the limited edition Foo Fighters beer will then become available in bottleshops nationally.

With bass player Nate Mendel leading the collaboration, the band was actively involved in brainstorming the beer, which features the US hop variety Azacca.

Further information is available here.

Sydney – Foo Fighters Hotel
2 Foster Street, Surry Hills
Opens Jan 24

Melbourne – Fooie Bar
ACDC Lane, Melbourne CBD
Opens Jan 27

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