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Shandy and Mark of Riders Brewing with Beverley

Shandy and Mark of Riders Brewing with Beverley

The Team at Riders Brew Co. is serious about making the best handcrafted beer they can. Their specialty brews include Easy Rider Golden Ale, XPA Strong Pale Ale, Loose Trucks and their latest, Pale Rider.

The newest member to their team, the ‘Beverly’ dissolved oxygen meter, has allowed them to make serious improvements throughout the brewing process right through to their packaged product.

“The Beverly is a real game-changer… you can purge a tank as many times as you want but you don’t know how much oxygen is in there. Now we know! The Beverly has improved consistency… from fermentation through to packaging.”

“Now we can scientifically measure the amount of oxygen from fermentation right through to packaging and can identify any oxygen hiccups that occur along the line when a pump or hose is changed. It has enabled us to greatly extend the quality of our beer.”

“Since introducing Beverly into my business, I now make better quality beer and have increased sales revenue – this instrument quickly pays for itself!”

Gus Kelly – Riders Brew Co. and co-owner of Kellybrook Winery

“The Beverly has helped us across most of our processes. We are able to monitor pre-fermentation oxygen levels which are really important, we use it in-line when we are filling our tanks, and then post-fermentation when we want no oxygen. It’s brilliant for bright tank preparation. We leave Beverly turned on during tank purging to ensure low oxygen levels. Wonderful!”

Andy ‘Shandy’ Gargan – Riders Brew Co.

“We’ve had the Beverly for months and we only now have had to charge it up. We run it for 5 or 10 minutes at a time most days of the week and it’s been two months or more since we’ve had to charge it. Phenomenal!”

“A child could use it. It’s so simple. It’s only three buttons. It’s far simpler than any of the other industry devices that I’ve come across.”

“When I tell people that it can measure liquid and gas they get really excited… Yeah, it’s really simple and so robust. It gets left on the floor, hung up on the tank. It’s really easy to use, easy to clean. I love it!”

Shandy – Riders Brew Co.

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Beverly Product Brochure

For a ‘Beverly’ demonstration in your brewery, contact Gina Vello of Grace Discovery Sciences.

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Application Note: Beverly – quality tested by SABMiller research brewery
Application Note: DO in Breweries, “Low-oxygen brewing process ensures high quality”

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