GABS reveals Hottest 101-200 beers

The GABS team has taken the unprecedented step of revealing beers numbering 101-200 in polling for the GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2015. They are as follows.

101 ‘Aftermath’ American-style Double IPA (KAIJU!, VIC)
102 ‘Hop Bomb’ American-style IPA (Boatrocker, VIC)
103 ‘Millennium Falcon’ American-style Double IPA (Holgate, VIC)
104 ‘Mango Beer’ Fruit Beer (Matso’s, WA)
105 ‘Vale IPA’ American-style IPA (Vale, SA)
106 ‘Lazy Boy’ Specialty IPA (2 Brothers, VIC) NEW
107 ‘Hoppapotamus’ American-style IPA (Brew Boys, SA)
108 ‘B.F.H. (Barrel Fermented Hog)’ American-style IPA (Feral , WA)
109 ‘Seven Seeds Coffee Porter Crossbreed’ Porter (Mountain Goat, VIC)
110 ‘Where Strides the Behemoth’ Specialty IPA (KAIJU!, VIC) GABS (2014)
111 ‘American Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (Batch, NSW)
112 ‘Elsie The Milk Stout’ Sweet Stout (Batch, NSW)
113 ‘Call of Duty: Midnight Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (Black Hops, QLD) NEW
114 ‘Betelgeuse’ American-style Barleywine (KAIJU!, VIC) NEW
115 ‘Lazy Yak’ Australian-style Pale Ale (Matilda Bay , VIC) NEW
116 ‘Whale Ale’ American Wheat (Murray’s, NSW)
117 ‘American IPA – The Bastard Children of the British Empire’ American-style IPA (4 Pines, NSW) NEW
118 ‘#008 Double Session XXXPA’ Double American-style IPA (Exit, VIC) NEW
119 ‘Boris’ Russian Imperial Stout (Feral, WA)
120 ‘Road Trip’ American-style IPA (Holgate, VIC)
121 ‘Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (Mountain Goat, VIC) NEW
122 ‘Yenda Golden’ Blonde/Golden Ale (Australian Beer Co, NSW) NEW
123 ‘Sunshine Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale Prancing Pony Brewery NEW
124 ‘Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (Moo Brew, TAS)
125 ‘B2 Bomber Mach 5.0’ Black IPA (Bridge Road, VIC) NEW
126 ‘Pale Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale (Australian, NSW)
127 ‘Robohop’ American-style IPA (KAIJU!, VIC)
128 ‘Freshwater’ American-style Pale Ale (Akasha, NSW) NEW
129 ‘Bantam’ American-style IPA (Two Birds, VIC)
130 ‘JSP Johnny Smoke Porter’ Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier) (Wolf of the Willows, VIC)
131 ‘Hefeweizen’ Weizen/Weissbier (4 Pines, NSW)
132 ‘Thanks Captain Obvious’ American-style IPA (BrewCult, VIC) NEW
133 ‘Snickers Amber Ale’ Specialty Beer (Bacchus, QLD)
134 ‘3 Bolt Pale’ American-style Pale Ale (Green Beacon, QLD)
135 ‘Sleeping Giant’ American-style IPA (Gage Roads, WA)
136 ‘Oaked Baltic Porter’ Porter (4 Pines, NSW) NEW
137 ‘Brew Log Collection #7 – Flaming Lamington’ Winter Seasonal Beer (Nail, WA) NEW
138 ‘ISA India Saison’ Saison/Farmhouse Ale (Wolf of the Willows, VIC) NEW
139 ‘Brown’ UK-style Brown Ale (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)
140 ‘FIGJAM’ American-style IPA (Burleigh, QLD)
141 ‘Dead East Ale’ American-style Amber Ale (The Mash Collective, NSW) NEW
142 ‘American Amber Ale’ American-style Amber Ale (4 Pines, NSW) NEW
143 ‘Chevalier Saison’ Saison/Farmhouse Ale (Bridge Road, VIC)
144 ‘Jasper Ale’ Altbier (Stone , NSW)
145 ‘Othello’s Curse’ Specialty IPA (Riverside, NSW) GABS (2014)
146 ‘Bighead’ Pale Lager (Burleigh, QLD)
147 ‘Natural Lager’ Pale Lager (Young Henry’s, NSW)
148 ‘77’ American-style IPA (Riverside, NSW)
149 ‘Fire Within’ American-style Amber Ale (Akasha, NSW) NEW
150 ‘Taxi’ Pale Lager (2 Brothers, VIC)
151 ‘Stone Beer’ Specialty Beer (Stone , NSW)
152 ‘XPA’ American-style Pale Ale (Mismatch, SA) NEW
153 ‘Golden Ale’ Blonde/Golden Ale (Hawthorn, VIC)
154 ‘Little Bling’ American-style IPA (Bridge Road, VIC)
155 ‘Single Fin’ Blonde/Golden Ale (Gage Roads, WA)
156 ‘Sourpuss’ Berliner Weisse (Wayward, NSW)
157 ‘Cthulhu on the Moon’ Specialty IPA (KAIJU!, VIC)
158 ‘Wayfarer’ American Wheat (Green Beacon, QLD)
159 ‘Imperial Stout’ Russian Imperial Stout (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)
160 ‘The Big Kahuna ‘ American-style Brown Ale (Batch, NSW)
161 ‘Ogden Nash’s Pash Rash’ Russian Imperial Stout (Moon Dog, VIC) NEW
162 ‘Hop Ale’ Black IPA (Young Henry’s, NSW)
163 ‘Banshee’ UK-style Barleywine (Boatrocker, VIC)
164 ‘12 Paws’ Australian-style Pale Ale (Smiling Samoyed, SA)
165 ‘Ginger Beer’ Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (Matso’s, WA)
166 ‘Yenda Hell’ Munich Helles (Australian Beer Co, NSW)
167 ‘Hop Zone’ American-style IPA (BrewCult, VIC)
168 ‘Beer Geek Rage Quit IPL’ Pale Lager (BrewCult, VIC)
169 ‘Original Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (Balmain, NSW)
170 ‘Archie’s Red Ale’ American-style Amber Ale (Mismatch, WA)
171 ‘Reginald’ American-style IPA (Blackman’s, VIC)
172 ‘Kolsch’ Kölsch ( Eagle Bay, WA)
173 ‘Black Lung V’ Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier) (Moon Dog, VIC) NEW
174 ‘Insane Uncle’ American-style IPA (Dainton, VIC)
175 ‘Miss Pinky’ Soured Fruit Beer (Boatrocker, VIC)
176 ‘Glass Case of Emotion’ Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer (7 cent, VIC) NEW
177 ‘Bling Bling’ Imperial IPA English-style IPA (Bridge Road, VIC)
178 ‘Can’t Fight The Funk’ Specialty IPA (BrewCult, VIC)
179 ‘Stout’ Irish-style Dry Stout (4 Pines, NSW)
180 ‘Braeside Crown Cola’ Wood-Aged Beer (Boatrocker, VIC) NEW
181 ‘Vintage Ale 2015’ Strong Bitter (Coopers, SA) NEW
182 ‘Mt. Macedon’ Australian-style Pale Ale (Holgate, VIC)
183 ‘Hopinator’ American-style IPA (Holgate, VIC)
184 ‘Lemongrass Tea IPA’ Specialty IPA (Two Birds, VIC) NEW
185 ‘Celtic Red’ Irish Red Ale (Bridge Road, VIC)
186 ‘Cleansing Ale’ Saison/Farmhouse Ale (Two Metre Tall, TAS)
187 ‘Chardonnay IPA’ American-style IPA (Prickly Moses, VIC) NEW
188 ‘Dark’ Smoked Beer (non Rauchbier) (3 Ravens, VIC)
189 ‘Southern Summer’ Pale Lager (2 Brothers, VIC) NEW
190 ‘Australian IPA’ American-style IPA (Hawthorn, VIC)
191 ‘Red Sky’ American-style IPA (Shenanigans, VIC)
192 ‘Nine Tales’ American-style Amber Ale (James Squire, NSW)
193 ‘American Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (Bad Shepherd, VIC) NEW
194 ‘Stubborn Russian 2015’ Russian Imperial Stout (Bright Brewery, VIC) NEW
195 ‘Love Tap’ Pale Lager (Moon Dog, VIC)
196 ‘Real Ale’ ESB (Extra Special Bitter) (Young Henry’s, NSW)
197 ‘Fantapants’ American-style Pale Ale (Feral, WA)
198 ‘Pale Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale (Prancing Pony, SA)
199 ‘Scotch Ale’ Scotch Ale (Red Hill, VIC)
200 ‘Vanilla Oatmeal Stout’ Sweet Stout (Southern Bay, VIC) NEW

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