Gage Roads announce 'Tea Break' for IWD

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Beer and tea? At first glance, that combo might raise a few eyebrows. But it’s actually a match made in brewed heaven!

To celebrate women in beer this International Women’s Day, an all-female crew at Gage Roads Brew Co have come together to create TEA BREAK – an Earl Grey Pale Ale with Lemon Aspen. With a national release, beer sales will fund a scholarship helping to support the education and development of women in the industry.

With the recipe created by Gage Roads’ brewer Simone Clements, Tea Break is a refreshing pale ale with prominent earl grey and citrus notes. It’s grounded by delicious toasty caramel malt character, balanced with earthy spice and floral hop flavour and aroma.

“Beer and tea are two of the most enjoyed beverages on the planet, so we thought why not combine them!

“We took inspiration for the base beer from a classic English pale ale style, which is a favourite of the team. We used loose leaf earl grey tea and steeped it in the beer, which is really like using a giant teabag in the brew. The challenge with TEA BREAK was trying to get as much flavour out of the tea as possible without overdoing it. I spent a lot of time on trials, using different amounts of tea and varying the steep time to find the best result,” says Simone.

Along with Simone, Clare Clouting (quality manager) Bec Lauchlan (brand manager), Sophie Osborn (designer) Jodie Scattini (brewer) and Zoe Commins (sales) were involved in the project from start to finish.

Bec says it’s been great to grow the IWD release from last year, with proceeds from the beer funding a scholarship with the Pink Boots Society.

“Last year’s release was met with a really positive response from our drinkers and customers, so from the start we wanted to make it even bigger and better for year two. This year, our IWD release TEA BREAK will be available nationwide.

“We’re also stoked to be donating $10,000 from proceeds of the sale of this beer to fund a scholarship with Pink Boots Australia to support the continued education and development of future female talent within the beer industry.

“This initiative is all about driving visibility & exposure of our industry, to encourage diversity & bring women into beer. We’re lucky to have a group of reallytalented women in our team here at Gage, and this project has been a great way to combine those skills to create a unique and refreshing beer that we can’t wait to share with pub goers all over Australia.

“I already knew this, but during the project I was reminded of how many passionate and talented women are in our business and industry overall. By creating appealing products and sharing great success stories, I hope we’re able to encourage new drinkers to try beer for the first time, and diverse talent to join our amazing industry,” explains Bec.

TEA BREAK is available on tap at pubs and bars across the country. For the full list of stockists, head to

5% ABV | 29 IBU | 21 EBC

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