Gage Roads rebrands national sales and marketing team

Western Australia’s Gage Roads Brewing has announced the rebranding of its expanded national sales and marketing team.

The newly named group, Good Drinks, aims to be a more consumer-facing platform and comes after Gage Roads’ acquisition of Matso’s Ginger Beer in June this year, and its continued efforts to expand and diversify its brand portfolio.

Good Drinks’ nationwide sales and marketing team will now represent Gage Roads Brewing Co, Matso’s, Alby and Hello Sunshine.

Much like the recently formed Tribe Breweries, Good Drinks has been setup to increase the national reach and accessibility of its brands, as well as providing consumers with a more diversified brand offering.

Gage Roads Head of Marketing Miles Hull said that following the “recently launched West Australian focused Alby and the addition of Matso’s, Good Drinks will allow us to better support our retail and hospitality customers with a range of distinct and diverse products that each have strong consumer demand”.

“We are firmly committed to grow our brand presence not just in Western Australia but particularly on the east coast,” Hull said.

“Through Good Drinks, we are well placed to deliver on the rapid growth in consumer demand for unique products that offer great value and distinct flavour, ensuring increasing sales and market longevity.”

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