Hargreaves Hill announces launch of Beatnik Beer

One of Australia’s pioneering craft breweries Hargreaves Hill, has announced the launch of a new subsidiary brand and beer range.

Beatnik, which will hit the market next month, has been described as Hargreaves Hill’s “rebellious little brother, created to explore spaces that only cans can go”.

Said to produce beers that are “big flavoured and highly sessionable”, Beatnik has been designed to pair with an outdoors lifestyle.

Hargreaves Hill Founder Simon Walkenhorst, who appeared on Beer is a Conversation, said that while Beatnik Beer will have a different brand focus, it will still be brewed under the Hargreaves Hill banner.

What started as a brewing collaboration with The Royal Albert Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills, Beatnik was first brewed as both a throwback to Generation X and a beer that would be consumed as a sessionable beer with the Hotel in mind.

“We decided to brew a tasty XPA that wasn’t too bitter,” Walkenhorst said.

“A beer to fly out of the pub better than most other styles.”

The naming of this first Beatnik Beer and the nostalgia that surrounds the brand, was inspired by The Royal Albert Hotel’s Bar Manager Gen.

Walkenhorst described her as an integral part of the brewing process and the inspiration for the name of Beatnik’s first beer, Gen X.

“We really wanted to tell a little bit more of a story, and so we came up with Beatnik.”

“It’s something I’ve always found – you know the beat generation, the literature and things like that – pretty interesting and free spirited.”

“Often, it’s about the open road and the great outdoors, and I think that really works with where we’re taking cans.”

“Beatnik is a chance to have a great tasting beer in your hand… Without having to talk too much about malt and hops.”

The brand also joins Urban Alley Brewery and Cascade Brewery, which both recently announced they will be using biodegradable six-pack rings in place of plastic rings for packaging cans.

Beatnik will use six-pack rings made from brewing grain waste, which is safe for the environment and for wildlife to eat. Beatnik has also committed to 100 per cent recycled and unbleached cartons, with the view to contributing zero waste to landfill.

Beatnik’s first release is a late hop addition XPA. Brewed using a melange of Pilsner, pale, Vienna and wheat malts and Galaxy, Mosaic and Amarillo hops, this XPA is full of aroma and exhibits notes of citrus and fruit punch. At 28 IBU, this beer comes in at 5 per cent ABV.

To celebrate the launch of Beatnik Beer, the company will be throwing a “tinnie party” at Melbourne’s Great Northern Hotel on Sunday, October 7.

Kicking-off at noon, there will be giveaways and the opportunity to try the Beatnik range.

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