Granite Belt Cider launches Twisted Branch range

Twisted branch cider

Twisted branch cider

Independent Queensland cider producer, Granite Belt Cider Co (GBCC) has announced the launch of a new line of permanent ciders that will be produced under their Twisted Branch label for drinkers on the East Coast.

Embodying the essence of the Granite Belt region, GBCC Cider Maker, Luke Rutland said the release is dry, unfiltered, rich orange in colour and straight up.

“Twisted Branch has hints of apricot and baked apples, followed by some tartness on the palate, finishing with a satisfying dryness,” he said.

The past few years has seen drinker’s palates moving away from sweet imported ciders made from concentrate and towards both traditional and modern style ciders produced with 100% crushed Australian apples.

“People’s palates are evolving beyond sickly sweet ciders that are full of sugar. What we’re seeing is that the Australian beer, wine and spirits offering is at an all-time high and these segments are actually sharing techniques, ingredients and brewing methods, resulting in surprise and delight for our drinkers. Twisted Branch will appeal to both beer and wine drinkers who are continuing to develop their palates,” he said.

“At GBCC, quality, innovation and improving our skills as cider makers are our top priority. Our flagship product, Treehouse Cider is now sitting very comfortably in the Australian market and is respected amongst our peers. We’re keen to show through the Twisted Branch range that QLD cider can be sophisticated and complex.”

Twisted Branch was developed through our Tinker Tank pilot batch program. We have produced five experimental Tinker Tank ciders over the past couple of years and will look to ramp this program up in 2018!

The cornerstone of the company is to make delightful cider for the enjoyment of our drinkers and to showcase the quality of produce grown in the Granite Belt region.

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