Green Beacon launches barrel-aged brand

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Brisbane’s Green Beacon Brewing Co to launch Barrel-Aged Beer brand

Fathom was created so that we could explore the complexities of mixed fermentation and barrel-aged beer. We’re on a quest to uncover the hidden treasures and delights of oak maturation.

Fathom Logo-squareAfter years of planning, monitoring barrels, patiently waiting, occasionally tasting and masterfully blending, Green Beacon are excited to announce the official launch of their mixed fermentation / barrel-aged beer program, Fathom, on Saturday 23 March during Brewsvegas 2019.

The free event will showcase three Fathom beers and a number of previously released barrel- aged beers from the cellar. Rees & Sons will also be onsite serving up low and slow BBQ favourites.

Green Beacon’s Head Brewer, Johann Van der Walt, said he had been wanting to develop a barrel-aged beer program since he first started brewing.

“We’ve been planning this for a long time, but the nature of these beers meant we had to store them away and wait patiently until they were ready. The idea is to introduce drinkers to something completely different to the hop-forward beers we’re known for. Mixed cultures and oak ageing create flavours and aromas that just aren’t possible when fermenting in stainless tanks.”

When deciding on a name, the team got together and started throwing around ideas that would encapsulate their vision for the project.

“We knew it had to be nautically themed, to keep in line with the rest of the Beacon branding.” Said Chris Borbas, Green Beacon’s General Manager.

“Fathom is a unit of length equal to six feet, used in reference to the depth of water.” He added.

“Barrel ageing is a dark and mysterious technique with unexpected variables. We’re navigating uncharted waters as we dive deep into the abyss.”

It wasn’t only the beer and name that were important to get right, the branding had to be just as special. The final product is a collaborative effort spanning three continents, with help coming from South America, Europe and of course, Australia.

The underlying artwork that will be a common thread amongst all Fathom designs is a piece that was created by Portuguese muralist and illustrator Jokin Murguizu (SORTWO). The Fathom logo and font work was created by Scott McNally (Keeping the Stoke Afloat), an Australian expat freelance graphic designer living in Stockholm.

“With such disparate contributions coming together to form the overall theme we had to ensure the series remained punctuated by continuity. Each individual release is denoted by simple geometry and colour to signify the style. This allows us a wide scope of variation and even a level of playfulness when it comes to representing the flavours and characteristics of a constantly evolving series of products.” Said Charles McKay Green Beacon’s Venue Manager, who was responsible for giving each design its own unique identity.

Fathom will launch with three beers, available exclusively at the brewpub on Helen Street in Teneriffe. They include a Raspberry Cherry Sour aged in Chardonnay Barrels, a Belgian Brown Ale aged in American Oak Barrels and a Nectarine Sour aged in Chardonnay Barrels.

Green Beacon plans to release further Fathom beers as the year goes on with most of them becoming available in very limited amounts both on tap and in cans around the country.

Head to the Green Beacon Brewing Co Facebook page for the full launch event details.

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