Hawthorn releases 'Midnight in Bombay'

Hawthorn’s ‘Midnight in Bombay’ was inspired by our Chief Brewing Officers (Hamish Reed) recent India trip to Mumbai and Goa.

Dark as a Bombay night with a hint of deep ruby red, we’ve used plenty of roasted malt which provides the beers dark colour but also contributes smooth aniseed and cocoa flavours. The use of smoky Black Cardamom adds further roast complexity.

The unique characters from our special wheat yeast are complemented by the addition of cloves, whilst coriander seeds and green cardamom pods add a light citrus flavour.

Packed with two types of wheat and an addition of rolled oats, this is a dark beer that is smooth, dry and surprisingly refreshing.

Hawthorn “Midnight in Bombay” is an unfiltered all-malt (and spice) beer with no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Complex, but balanced, it compliments similarly spiced food, smoked meat or even a chocolate desert.

If Ghandi wasn’t a teetotaller, this would have been his tipple!

ABV : 4.9%, IBU’s : 18

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