Heaps Normal adds Another Lager to core range

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(Not) Just Another Lager — Heaps Normal redefines the pot of gold.

Today, Heaps Normal unveils ‘Another Lager’ — the second non-alcoholic brew to join the Aussie beer brand’s permanent collection.

The non-alc lager has been expertly brewed by Heaps Normal with the same innovative tech as its wildly successful, award-winning Quiet XPA to achieve maximum flavour and mouthfeel, without the booze.

“Sometimes all we want is a simple no nonsense beer, without the downsides. Another Lager is a thoroughly refreshing non-alc brew with all the ‘hits the spot’, wipe-the-sweat-off-your-brow satisfaction of your favourite full-strength,” says Heaps Normal’s CEO Andy Miller.

“Our head brewer Benny created Another Lager for a clean finish. The sort of thing that will sit comfortably alongside your favourite weekday special. No muss, no fuss.”

Heaps Normal exploded onto the Australian market in the middle of 2020 with its no-preaching philosophy and curiosity towards taking a more mindful approach to drinking.

The launch of Another Lager cements the brand’s position as the country’s number one dedicated non-alcoholic beer producer, helped along by a dedicated production facility and tasting venue due to open in Sydney later this year.

“Another Lager embodies everything we set out to do at Heaps Normal: normalise doing what’s right for you when it comes to drinking. We’re not here to preach, we’re just here to make delicious non-alc beer that feels right at home in your favourite stubby holder. Lagers are back, and it’s time for Another!” says Miller.

Another Lager launches after a huge 2021 for Heaps Normal, in which their premiere ‘Quiet XPA’ brew picked up the Country Winner gong for Australia in no and low-alc category of the World Beer Awards.

Heaps Normal’s Head Brewer Ben Holdstock explains Another Lager challenged him to create a tasty non-ale brew that could stand up to even the most well-loved, classic Aussie lagers.

“It’s always been our plan to build out a solid core range of non-alcoholic beer styles alongside some more experimental limited releases. Lagers are making a comeback right now and we wanted to match that appetite with a non-alc version that would deliver all the cold gold of our favourite classic Aussie beers,” says Holdstock.

The launch of the new brew comes on the cusp of FebFast, which in 2021 saw 5,000 Aussies abstaining from alcohol, sugar and other vices for the month of February to support disadvantaged youth in Australia.

Miller says the past two years have been a flashpoint in people reassessing their relationship with alcohol, but it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing equation.

“Our focus is on long term behavioural change, one (less) beer at a time. We know being completely sober isn’t for everyone and the key to lasting healthy behaviours is reflecting on what works for you personally—creating your own normal,” says Miller.

Andy Miller co-founded Heaps Normal alongside Ben Holdstock, Peter Brennan and Jordy Smith, who together thought there were probably a few people like them who wanted to cut back on the booze, but didn’t necessarily identify as sober.

An October 2021 study by DrinkWise found that 32% of those surveyed who reported that their consumption had decreased since the start of the pandemic attributed the use of lower and zero alcohol products as assisting them to reduce their consumption.

Signalling a generational shift towards more mindful drinking behaviour, the same Drinkwise study found Australians aged 18-44 are twice as likely to consume zero and low-strength alcohol compared with those aged over 45.

Another Lager will be in stores and venues around the country from 1st February 2022.

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