Heineken unveils mid-strength version, 'Heineken 3'

Heineken 3

Heineken 3

Heineken 3, a new mid-strength version of the Dutch beer brand, will be unveiled at a launch event in Sydney this afternoon.

The first new Heineken product since its arrival in the country, Heineken 3 signals the beginnings of the brand’s “biggest ever Australian marketing campaign”, according to Heineken Lion Australia.

“Heineken 3 enables consumers to ‘Have It All’. This is communicated through the product’s three key attributes: lower calories, lower carbohydrates and an award-winning great taste,” the company said.

“Heineken 3 has only 86 calories per bottle, 5g carbs and 3.3 per cent ABV so consumers no longer have to compromise on taste and premium experience when choosing a lower calorie beer.

“Furthermore researches have shown [sic] that Heineken 3 is a product highly appealing not just to its traditional core target male audience but it’s also an opportunity to recruit more female consumers, particularly among those who want an easier drinking and lower calorie lager.”

The launch will be supported by a nationwide campaign comprising social, digital, outdoor, retail and experiential elements.

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