Hop report reveals challenging northern hop season

International hop grower BarthHaas has released its hop report for June, revealing difficult growing conditions across Europe and the USA.

The company noted less than ideal European growing conditions with unseasonal temperatures and irregular rain having an impact, as well as heavy hail damage in the Saaz region affecting 500 ha as well as in the Polish Wilków region and in the Austrian Mühlviertel region, both of which saw crop damage.

“At this fairly early stage of plant development, it is not possible to make a precise prediction of how this damage will affect final yields and the quality of the crop,” it said.

The report said Yakima experienced an early heat wave during the second half of June with temperatures around 35°C.

“The water reservoirs holding the irrigation water for agricultural use are well filled so that there is currently no reason for serious concern. The early heat could affect baby plantings negatively, however,” the report noted.

Hop acreage increases in the USA were reported with decreases in Germany and a net increase of 772 hectares worldwide.

Beer production globally declined by 5 per cent in 2020 compared with 2019, but spot prices for hops proved robust despite the decline.

“Provided crop 2021 yields normally, the comfortable supply situation should continue into the new season,” the report predicted.

“Only for 2023 do we expect beer production to return to pre-pandemic levels. Hop demand, however, should normalize earlier as the return to on-premise consumption, especially in North America, will boost hop-centric beer styles.”

The northern hemisphere report follows the 2021 report from BarthHaas-owned Hop Products Australia, which also noted some challenging growing conditions this season.

Download the full report.

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