Indie Beer Showcase goes virtual

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Our world, at Good Beer Week, has gone a little topsy turvy this past week, as we’re sure it has for you, and we were pretty heartbroken to announce the postponement of the Indie Beer Showcase last week.

So, we put our heads together and suddenly realised that despite much of the world being indoors right now, that doesn’t mean the show can’t go on!

Globally, we’re more connected than ever, with over 7 billion users online. With all the difficult news flooding the media these past weeks, we wanted to bring a little beer joy back. So, we thought, why not take the Indie Beer Showcase online?

“We were truly gutted at the idea of completely postponing the Indie Beer Showcase, with all the hard work that’s gone into it by everyone involved.

We’re truly passionate about our beer community, the industry, and beer-lovers. So, we hustled together as a team and decided to take the Indie Beer Showcase virtual,” said Siobhan Kerin, Good Beer Week’s Festival Director.

So, we’re bringing the Showcase right to your couch. And the best part? No expensive taxi rides home or late nights out, you can experience the same quality insights and tasty brews right from the comfort of your home and continue to support our indie brewers and local businesses.

At Good Beer Week, we’re trying to take a crappy situation and make it that little bit better by providing a good night in, with good beers and good content. After all, if you can’t come to us we’ll come to you.

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