Indy brewers toast bipartisan support

Anthony Albanese introduces his bill on Monday

Independent Brewers Australia(IBA) – the association that supersedes the CBIA – has welcomed the support for its members shown by both major parties in a parliamentary debate this week.

Federal Labor MP for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese, on Monday night introduced a Private Member’s Bill in support of the craft brewing industry, which was foreshadowedbyBrews News in March.

“The craft brewing industry is a job creation powerhouse, but if we get the policy settings right it could generate even more jobs, not just in our capital cities but also in our regional communities,” he told the House of Representatives’ Federation Chamber.

IBA appreciates the support that Albanese has shown for the industry and brewers in his electorate of Grayndler, executiveofficer Chris McNamara said.

“What was particularly heartening about the discussions in Parliamenton Mondaynight was the bi-partisan support that [was] shown,” he said.

“Mr Albanese was joined in the discussions by Liberal members John Alexander, Tim Wilson and Trevor Evans. We look forward to encouraging this great spirit of bi-partisanship as we continue to advocate for a fair go for independent brewers in Australia.”

Albanese’s motion
The Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese,moved that the House of Representatives:

  1. “notes the growth of the craft brewing sector in recent years as a generator of employment, tourism and exports in capital
    cities and regional communities;
  2. further notes:
    (a) there is an inequity between how Commonwealth excise is calculated for small and large scale brewers which
    disadvantages the craft brewing sector;
    (b) that excise currently accounts for a disproportionate amount of the costs of production for small brewers and the
    calculation of excise imposes a significant burden on them; and
    (c) this small business sector provides local employment and is an emerging tourism attraction; and
  3. urges:
    (a) the Australian Government to ensure policy settings which encourage the realisation of the potential of the craft
    brewing sector; and
    (b) state and local governments to update their planning controls and development approval to facilitate the growth of the
    craft brewing sector.”

Click here to downloadthefull Hansardtranscript of the debate.

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