Jindabyne Brewing completes expansion

Small Brewery Update: Commercial production at Jindabyne Brewing’s substantial new brewery is set to begin just as soon as liquor licensing approval has been granted.

Jindabyne Brewing launched in 2015 on a nano brewery situated at founder Karl Veiss’s home in nearby Kalkite.

Its beers have been very well received but the small system was incapable of fulfilling demand, Veiss told Australian Brews News.

The Jindabyne Brewing team – Photo courtesy of Steve Cuff / Snowy Mountains Magazine

Financial backing fromfamily anda friend has enabled the set-up of a more centrally located production site.

A 12-hectolitre Brewtech system has been installed on-site, with six fermenters and two bright tanks rounding our cellar capacity.

Located within walking distance of the town centre, the new facility has lake views and its taproom will ultimately have a full kitchen. A local food truck will provide catering in the meantime.

Jindabyne Brewing is located at 5 Nettin Circuit, Jindabyne.

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