Justin Fox joins Bintani

Justin Fox

Brewing ingredients supplier Bintani has confirmed the appointment of Justin Fox, who was previously head brewer at Colonial Brewing Company.

Fox joins Bintani as head of sales, products and development. Bintani director Phil Meddings told Australian Brews News it’s a newly created role, reflecting the rapid expansion of independent breweries in Australia.

“What’s really important to us, is that we have very good technical expertise and customer support to look after the brewers in Australia,” Meddings said.

“I’m talking about the whole industry, the new small brewers that need help and also the large brewers that are putting in silos and things like that. We’re investing in resources to service all those guys.

“Justin has the technical brewing expertise and the best insight into what’s important to brewers. He also has the same view on how to look after customers.”

Fox said that after an enjoyable four-year stint at Colonial he is excited about the new challenge.

“I’ve known the Bintani family for 10 or 12 years now, it’s been a long relationship and it was too good an opportunity to be part of another adventure in the industry,” he said.

“For me, this is a great way I can still be active in brewing technology and development and share my knowledge.”

Fox said he expects to assist brewers with new product development and forecasting their raw materials needs, as well as providing technical advice on areas such as hop utilisation, and working with new ingredients.

“There are brewers out there now working with CO2 hop extracts for the first time. They might not have a pilot plant or time to experiment and they can’t afford to have their beers fall over or change as they trial new products,” he said.

“The more advice and help a brewer can get, when they are doing something for the first time, the better it is for everyone.”

You can contact Justin Fox on Justin@bintani.com.au.

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