Keg King signs deal with US equipment manufacturer

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Australian based Keg King Global and renowned USA based Blichmann Engineering LLC are pleased to announce a new exclusive distribution agreement that will provide innovative home and craft brewing equipment to brewers in North America and the Australasian Region.

The agreement brings together a fantastic range of products from both companies that provide small-scale brewers and the public with high performance beverage making equipment and dispensing solutions.

Both companies have extensive experience in the fields of developing brewing and dispensing equipment with a wide range of highly recognisable products under their brands.

Blichmann Engineering has over twenty years of technical brewing innovation delivering highly recognisable products such as their BrewCommander™, Hop Rocket™, Quickcarb™, BeerGun® and Fermenator™. Add to this their entire line of Anvil® branded products including the highly popular Foundrytm all-in-one and Crucible™ fermentors that offer performance and quality for incredible value.

Keg King Global brings more than ten years of expertise in providing home and commercial draft beverage equipment such as their Keg Master® line of kegerators and accessories such as Ultratap® to customers across the world. They are also leading the development of new, high strength P.E.T. pressure fermenting and dispensing vessels for brewers and the wider public. Their current line of products include the Fermenter King® line of P.E.T. unitanks and fermenters including the 60 litre and 35 litre Snub Nose®, Chubby® 30L fermenter keg, and highly popular 20L Fermenter King Junior® pressure fermenter kegs.

“With the widening interest in home and small-scale commercial brewers driving a surge in global demand for homebrewing products, today’s distribution announcement should thrill a lot of folks who are looking to take their beers to the next level, and do so easier and faster than ever.” John Blichmann, President of Blichmann engineering explained.

“When we first started to look at how this distribution agreement could work, it quickly became apparent how complimentary our product offerings were. And how well both of our distribution channels offered an opportunity for expanding our offerings to our mutual customers quickly and efficiently.” Mr. Blichmann continued, “Immediately there was a great opportunity to combine networks and products, which both companies have worked for years to develop, and bring to the market.”

“Both our companies are driven by people with a passion for beer and developing innovative equipment solutions where brewers get quality and performance that make the brewing process fun.”

Will Fiala, CEO of Keg King Global, shared that the distribution agreement is, “A great idea that pairs two companies with a high level of respect for each other’s products, accomplishments and our core corporate values.

“We are proud to offer our line of Australian made P.E.T. pressure fermentation and dispensing products to brewers across the globe, and this agreement will now ensure the range is available to brewers across North America.”

Mr Fiala ensured that the distribution agreement would benefit brewers and retailers alike, “Brewers here in Australia and our network of Australasian distributors will now be able to access a greater range of Blichmann/Anvil products through Keg King and despite the rising costs of manufacturing and global shipping, we’ll still be able to offer these products affordably to resellers and the public.”

Brewers can expect to see availability of Blichmann/Anvil products available through Keg King by (June 2021) and North American brewers can expect the arrival of Keg King Global Products around the same time.

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