Keg washer for sale

Please note this item has sold, but will be on display at the CBIA Craft Brewers Conference next week.

Keg Washer

Premier Stainless Systems will be at the upcoming Craft Brewing Conference and will be displaying a3-station, two tank keg washer that has beenshipped specificallyfor the trade show. It will be available for sale at the end of the conference

The Premier Stainless KW-SA-2V-CS is an efficient, easy to use, versatile keg washerfor small to medium microbreweries. Up to three straight-sided Sankey fitting kegs of
any size can be rinsed, washed and sanitized. Cleaning can be done with colddetergent or hot detergent, as well as sanitizing with an appropriate non-rinse sanitizer.The low flow valve also allows for an efficient way to thoroughly clean the keg stem.

Price:$26,435.00 landed +GST.


Tim Wills
Product Coordinator
Australia & New Zealand
Mobile: +61 (0) 458 079 999

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