Kegstar announces Young Henrys deal

Young Henrys and Kegstar are pleased to announce a multi-year keg supply agreement.

Kegstar’s unique keg offering will allow the Young Henrys team to focus on growing their brewing and sales efforts even faster while relying on Kegstar to provide their ever increasing demand for kegs.

“Young Henrys’ cult following and quality beers has resulted in their massive growth, something Kegstar is excited to support moving forward”, says Kegstar COO for Australia & New Zealand Joe Cook. “We worked closely with the Young Henrys team across all areas of the business, including delivery drivers, operations team, sales and finance, to agree the right solution and we’re delighted to have agreed a long term partnership.”

Over the last 12 months, the Kegstar team has developed a bespoke keg tracking solution and a network of collection partners that is robust enough to support the rapid growth of an exciting business such as Young Henrys.

“We see the Kegstar team as natural partner for our business,” says Young Henrys Founder Richard Adamson. “Kegstar’s coverage of Australia and New Zealand, keg tracking expertise and ever increasing keg fleet are the perfect fit for Young Henrys and we’re excited to be Kegstar’s inaugural long term partner.”

Kegstar removes the need for keg ownership and ensures its customers have continual access to well-maintained kegs and removes the burden of retrieving empty kegs from the brewer.

Interestingly, both Young Henrys and Kegstar were born in 2012.

About Young Henrys
Like most good stories, Young Henrys started over a beer. Meeting on opposite sides of the bar, Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon got talking. It turned out they both shared a love of beer and a view that the Sydney beer scene was behind the times. It should, they thought, be more adventurous, innovative and fun. Since Richard knew how to brew and Oscar knew all the ins and outs of hospitality, they figured they could do more than just talk. In 2012 the green light was given for an industrial warehouse space in Newtown. With the help of a few friends, a small brewery was purchased and Young Henrys was officially in business.

About Kegstar
Kegstar launched in December 2012 with 880 kegs, one person and one customer. Today, Kegstar has: a fleet of 33,000 stainless steel 50-litre kegs; a team of eight people; a trans-tasman footprint for keg rentals and collections and works with over 100 beer and cider producers.

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