Kenilworth Hotel pub expands brewery

Kenilworth hotel

The Kenilworth Hotel, located inland from the Sunshine Coast, has had to expand its brewery operations after 18 months due to demand from customers.

The 80 year-old hotel, located in the rural town of Kenilworth which has a population of just over 550, invested in a 50-litre nanobrewery to test the market 18 months ago.

Owner Steve Conway took on the brewery as a pet project, having taken over the lease of the hotel with wife Diane in 2015, although they have managed the business since 2008.

The investment in a microbrewery was part of attempts to diversify the business, and has proved so successful with locals and visitors that the hotel is upgrading its brewing operations after a year and a half.

Conway has acquired a Nano Double Tip Brewery 3-vessel kit, with a 230-litre capacity.

“We realised we needed to expand when we couldn’t keep up with the demand,” Conway explained.

“The reaction of locals has been very positive.

“[Our beer] has been selling out much faster than we can produce that’s why we have upgraded to the Nano Double Tip Brewery.”

In terms of beers, Conway’s dry-hopped ale and amber ales are proving to be popular, and he hopes to launch the Kenilworth Hotel Brewery officially before the end of the year.

The expansion has been entirely self funded and its equipment has already been delivered, with installation ongoing.

Kenilworth Hotel is also a customer of Lion, complete with XXXX branding and tap contracts. But Conway said this had not stopped the team from investing in craft beer.

“We are on a tap contract but it still allows us to have our own craft beer, and they have been very supportive of the process and also giving us advice,” Conway said.

Brewing is set to begin on the new kit before the end of the year.

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