Laundy progressing with $26 million brewpub 

Liquor and gaming regulators are currently considering the hotel licence application by Laundy Hotels for its western Sydney brewpub.

The Marsden Park venue would be known as The Town Hotel, according to documents lodged with the NSW liquor and gaming regulator on October 10.

Its brewery would have capacity to produce 12,500 litres of a week of beers that boss Arthur Laundy says will be “price-busters” to cater for cash-strapped locals.

The project passed its first hurdle in August when the Sydney West Central Planning Panel unanimously determined to approve the development application.

“The proposal will provide a food and beverage facility within the growing Sydney Business Park, serving the current and future working population as well as the existing and growing resident population of the area… the Panel is of the opinion that approval of the application is in the public interest,” its ruling says.

An artist’s impression of proposed Laundy Hotel Group venue The Town Hotel in Marsden Park

The hotel licence application includes a bid for an extended trading authorisation that would enable trading until 3am six days a week for the entire venue, including the gaming room if that aspect of the proposal is approved by regulators.

“Experience at nearby hotels, several of which have gaming rooms which are open for similar hours to those being sought, shows that there is a demand for access to gaming machines during the extended hours of trading sought, in the broader community,” say documents lodged with the regulator.

“The applicant expects that demand to be evident at the hotel from shift workers and others.

“An application to establish a gaming machine threshold will be lodged shortly after this CIS is exhibited on the Liquor and Gaming NSW website.”

According to the documents, the brewery will be licensed separately under a producer/wholesaler licence.

“The Laundy Group wants the hotel to be something of which the community can be proud, reflecting the 55 years that Arthur Laundy has been a publican, as well as providing a legacy which his current and future family can enjoy and of which they can be proud,” it says.

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