Lion discontinues Knappstein Reserve Lager

Knappstein Reserve Lager

Lion has decided to stop brewing Knappstein Reserve Lager and will close theEnterprise Brewery in Clare, South Australia.

Lion said in a statement that production of Knappstein will cease on August 11. This reportedly followed a review of the business after Knappstein brewerMel Fettke announced plans to leave for a winemaking role.

“As a result, the Enterprise Brewery in Clare, South Australia (where Knappstein Reserve Lager is brewed) will also cease brewing beer until a future use for the brewery site and brewery kit is decided,” said Lion.

“This is due to declining volume of the brand over the last few years and the brewery operating significantly below capacity.

“None of our people are impacted by this decision, as they will continue to work throughout our brewing network.”

Lion no longer owns the Enterprise Brewery site, having sold Knappstein and all its other wine brands to Accolade Wines in November last year.

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