Little Creatures dials up Pilsner

Little Creatures has reworked its Pilsner to embody the hoppier, more bitter North German style.

The overhaul lifts the IBUs (International Bitterness Units) considerably from 27 to 40, in a move the brewer said is pitched at creating a more distinctive beer.

“The hops have moved to a North German (Friesland) Style – they are hoppier and more bitter than the Southern German Pilsners,” said Little Creatures.

“It’s made with 100 per cent Pilsner Malt and German Perle hops. The key to this beer is the aroma and bitterness shine through.

“It’s still very refreshing, balanced, dry and drinkable – but it now has an iron-like bitter intensity.”

pilsner (1)The Pilsner is transitioning into kegs now, with bottles that will reprise the beer’s former packaging soon to follow in the coming weeks.

“We’ve decided to kick it old school, and re-introduce the original packaging – a simple pack for a tasty Pilsner,” the brewer said.

Catch Creatures at Brisbane Festival
Also this month, the Little Creatures Treehouse is open day and night in the Brisbane Festival hub.

“You can climb on up to try some great beers, but you’ll also be able experience everything from ukulele lessons to juggling classes,” the brewer said.

“We also love sharing our passion for beer so we’ll be hosting little beer schools called ‘Learn stuff about beer’ throughout the festival.”

The Treehouse opened on Monday September 5 and will run until September 25. Find it in the Brisbane Festival hub at Arcadia, Cultural Forecourt, South Bank.

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