Little Creatures reimagines The Dreadnought

Return of the Dread Bottle VisualWinter is coming and we’ve been busy at Little Creatures tinkering with a beer based on anold favourite that will help you through the cooler months. Return of the Dread is our first-ever seasonalrelease; a Domestic Extra Stout now available on tap and in pack.

Well-known for producing short-run batches of beer, our brewers wanted a new challenge and so set out tocreate a serious brew that would last the entire winter. For the first seasonal release, we couldn’t resistplaying with one of our first Single Batches; The Dreadnought.

Always ones to break the mould, our brewers took inspiration from the old favourite and developed therecipe into their own style of beer. With six speciality roasted malts coupled with our classic pale malt and agood dose of Fuggles hops thrown into the mix, Return of the Dread is a dark, black, formidable yet smoothstout, balanced with a pronounced bitterness.

Little Creatures Fremantle Head Brewer, Russell Gosling said: “This is a much loved-style amongst LittleCreatures and as each winter passed since the release of that original Single Batch, the brewers wouldindulge in some collective (somewhat tearful) reminiscing. This year, we said enough is enough; it’s time forReturn of the Dread.

“Return of the Dread is a most wonderful beer indeed. An exceptional stout with well-balanced flavours,the perfect marriage of dark malts and Fuggles hops is harmony in a glass.”

Return of the Dread features aromas of chocolate, vanilla and liquorice, with a sweet and slightly bittertaste that’s very long in length. The palate is velvety with a medium-to-full body.

Return of the Dread will be available for the next three months, so head to any good beer outlet to try it ontap or in pack while it’s back. Following the winter release, seasonal beers will become a permanent featureon the Little Creatures calendar, with a summer edition set for release later this year.

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