Little Creatures unveils refreshed packaging

At Little Creatures we have always been fixated on the quality of our beer and what is in the bottle however we thought the outside was in need of a little facelift so we are undertaking a packaging makeover of all our beers.

But Creatures’ Hop Heads need not fret; we haven’t tinkered with the important stuff, the beer, which remains unchanged and still has the same dedication to using the very best ingredients, processes and people to make consistently high quality beers.

Our brewers wouldn’t have it any other way. Our most observant fans would be aware that over the years, we’ve jazzed up a couple of our labels and tweaked elements across our range, however, this packaging refresh will be our biggest transformation since we opened the Fremantle brewery back in 2000.

The updated Little Creatures lineup

Whilst major features of the labels have shifted around, there’s still the sense of familiarity with our history, using unique illustrations that tell the Little Creatures story in our own kind of way, and a bit like a family with good genetics; they look different yet comfortingly similar. We have plenty of fun brewing our beer, and from what we can tell, you have a heap of fun enjoying them with one another. It’s good to be a little different and this sentiment has become the motto for Little Creatures, not because it’s what we aspire to be, but because we already are.

This is reflected in the new labels, with an energetic, vibrant injection of colour that celebrates our individuality. Marty Ferguson from Little Creatures, explains why we’ve made out packaging a little bit different: “Our Creatures’ Hop Heads told us they wanted to know more about what goes into each of their favourite beers and more information around the brewing process. “We figured that our packaging was as good a place as any to share the unique and colourful story of each beer’s creation and provenance via some pretty nifty hand-drawn illustrations. If you look closely you’ll see a few nods to our hometown of Freo and WA,” said Marty.

After 17 years of playing a supporting role, our cherub finally gets to step up to the big stage and revel in the attention as the centerpiece of the new designs. “This little guy is a popular icon as he encapsulates the free-thinking personality, youthful spirit and uniqueness of Little Creatures. After all, 17 years is a pretty long time to be flapping your wings, whilst holding a beer in your birthday suit,” said Marty.

Supporting the fresh new look will be a full point of sale suite for both on and off premise that further highlights the updated packaging and cements the Little Creatures personality. You’ll start to see the new packaging roll out into your local craft beer supplier from mid November 2017.

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