Longrain hosts Sailor's Grave beer

Longrain and Sailor’s Grave
Beer Match dinner 7-10pm Wednesday 3 May 2017

Longrain Sydney presents a Sailor’s Grave beer match dinner on Wednesday 3 May. This exclusive dinner will pair the finest craft beers from Gippsland, Victoria with a three-course dinner drawn Longrain’s modern Thai menu. Celebrating one of the great food and drink pairings of all time, the spice and heat of Longrain’s refined Thai food will be expertly teamed up with cool refreshing beers, to evoke travels of Thailand’s cities and backwaters.

Sailor’s Grave Head Brewer Chris Moore and Longrain Founder and Sommelier Sam Christie and will lead the dinner – describing each beer and why it was chosen to match each dish. Sam Christie says beer lovers will learn more about the unique brewing techniques used at Sailor’s Grave and the reasons behind the brewery’s inclusion of exotic ingredients like marigold, blueberry, seaweed and grapefruit. They will also glean the more subtle aspects of the beers and understand their suitability for drinking with different Thai ingredients like chilli, fish sauce, dried shrimp, lime and coconut milk.

Longrain Sydney hosts Sailor’s Grave next Wednesday May 3

“The Sailor’s Grave range of beers is crisp and refreshing. They are highly drinkable beers with subtle aromatics that show true innovation in craft brewing,” says Sam Christie. Sailors’ Grave is a craft brewery located in the deep sou’ east of Victoria. The beer is brewed on the banks of the Snowy River using traditional methods in tandem with locally sourced natural ingredients. Head Brewers Chris and Gabbie Moore, who are a husband and wife team say they believe in putting as much of their location into their beers as possible. “Beer is often produced very close to its market but pretty remote from its ingredients. “While we have had plenty of raised eye-brows…especially out in far East Gippsland to our new inclusions in the beer, the one thing I have learned is not to underestimate people. I am constantly surprised by how adventurous people can be with tasting beer,” Chris Moore says.

“I had my honeymoon in Chang Mai and fell in love with pungent oily fish soups of the north – served over vermicelli noodles, on chilli, sourness and intense salty fishiness. And of course, cold Singha on a hot night…I’m looking forward to seeing how this original and interesting beer from a local craft brewery and our punchy flavours go together. It’s going to be, really exciting,” he says.

Established in 1999 Longrain is the soul of South East Asian cooking, exhibiting the perfect harmony between four essential elements hot, sour, salty and sweet.

Please do not hesitate to contact Longrain to discuss bookings further on: Ph: 02 9280 2888 or by emailing info@longrain.com

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