Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel announces sale

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel has announced it will be put up for sale for the first time in 35 years.

Currently, the hotel is under the ownership of Blair Hayden and business partners, Robert-Hill Smith and Sydney accountant Michael Gilbert, who first bought the business in 1986.

Posting to Facebook today, the business said while the decision wasn’t taken lightly, it was time to pass the business onto new hands after a long time at the helm.

“We truly love this pub however, after 35 years, we simply don’t have the energy or the resources to take the business to the next level, but we have no doubt that someone will,” Hayden said in a press release.

Since its original acquisition, a basement brewery has been built, the company restored its sandstone building and brewed the Three Sheets Pale Ale, which is currently available on tap at over 125 locations in Sydney.

The hotel itself also features a public bar with a brewery viewing area, a restaurant with a commercial kitchen and two floors of accommodation.

JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group has been appointed to sell the business with the campaign managed by JLL vice president Kate MacDonald and managing director John Musca.

“The recent sale of the Stone & Wood Brewing interests to Lion Nathan for $550 million following the acquisition of Balter Brewery by Carlton United Breweries for a mooted $200 million has highlighted the growing global interest in craft brewing representing an estimated 6% of the total beer market in Australia and growing,” Musca said in a press release.

“The escalation of M&A activity in the craft brewing asset class has seen some astonishing current investment in beer makers highlighting the value attributed to distribution and brand equity in what represents a relatively fragmented market opportunity.

“Having that underpinned by a very special brick and mortar hotel property in a historical context is a very special offering indeed,” he explained.

Expressions of interest bids will close on Tuesday, 7th December 2021.

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