Löwenbräu celebrates new hops

If you love beer, and we mean real German bier, you can’t afford to miss Hopfest, coming this March to Sydney’s iconic Löwenbräu.

Hopfest will have you savouring your beer, eating the best of German food and dancing to ‘oom-pah’ bands all through March.

The festively decked out venue will see events held all through March to celebrate Hopfest- beer breakfasts, one of the world’s best Oktoberfest bands and beer education classes. The focus is on the beer of course, and there will be beer and food specials throughout the month, as well as interesting beer flights of three 200mL beers to try.

Straight from a tour in Las Vegas, renowned German Oktoberfest band Enzianer will be playing non-stop sets of ‘oom pah pah’ classics as well as fun covers and games from Wednesday to Sunday each week. Their sound is infectious and they have serious stamina, playing incredibly long sets for your singing and dancing pleasure!

One of the features of Hopfest will be ‘Saturday Stammtisch’ which is a great excuse to get together with friends and locals on a Saturday and savour some beer for breakfast.

A German pub tradition, Stammtisch is a way for locals to share food and bier at a communal table and ease into the weekend. Reinhard, Löwenbräu’s charming host, will be personally greeting his guests making them feel at home and serving a special breakfast and drink menu.

Every Monday, the Löwenbräu will be hosting ‘Pork Monday’ (known as Schlachttag in German) where it’s all about the pork. Pigs are delivered first thing Monday and our chefs transform them into a plateful of porky delights from every part of the animal, to be eaten fresh that day. Many types of sausages, pork belly and other delights will come on a platter to be enjoyed with a hungry group of friends!

The Bier Akademie is a chance to participate in a ‘Study of Bier’. Learn about the complexities of hops and its uses, the brewing process and the importance of purity in fun, short tasting sessions. No bookings necessary and no charge.

A month of food specials will serve up some of the best German specialties including ‘Ofen frische Kalbshaxe’ (say it quickly!) which is a large slow roasted veal knuckle for sharing, and a wagyu top sirloin simmered in a bouillon.

Program of events:

Authentic Oktoberfest Band direct from Munich

When: long sets every Wednesday to Sunday in March

Pork Monday

When: Every Monday in March

Reinhards’s Saturday Stammtisch

When: 11am- 2pm every Saturday in March

Bier Akademie

When: 4pm- 8pm every Thursday in March

Food & bier specials

When: every day in March


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