Madocke opens Gold Coast brewpub

Madocke Brewing Co. has opened the doors to its new brewpub on the Gold Coast.

The journey to opening a new location has been a long one, with founders Jimmy Van Eetvelde and Annelies Nijskens originally operating the business out of their home garage.

“We had our opening weekend and our first full week of the taproom being open to the general public. There were a few things we had to iron out but it went really smoothly,” explained Annelies.

“We are being recognised as the Belgian-style brewery for Australia. It feels like we’re receiving more recognition in that regard.”

The development application for the new location was first submitted in February last year, with the space including a 300sqm brewery, 150sqm of indoor taproom space, and outdoor 45sqm beer garden and the remainder reserved for offices and future expansion of the taproom.

Credit: Pretty Fly Drone Co.

Navigating the hurdles of the development application process is no easy task, let alone in the case of upscaling a brewery from a garage to a larger venue.

“It is a massive mountain to climb and there’s not a real structure for it yet, so nobody knows what this industry is about when it comes to council and all the reports that need to come along with it,” said Annelies.

While it’s a difficult process for any emerging business, it’s especially strenuous for breweries as there are multiple elements to consider, not just brewing beer.

The added element of having a taproom means there’s more to think about, according to Annelies.

“Operating out of the garage might have been easier! All of a sudden the taproom aspect is there as well and we have to make sure it’s neat and tidy, that there’s stock available and menus are updated.

“A whole new world of new things came upon us. It’s all on a bigger scale and much more intense,” she said.

While it’s been an overwhelming journey for the Madocke team, it’s been a successful one too.

“The beers are well received, and we see that. There is a big movement going on that’s appreciated as well,” explained Annelies.

When it came to advice for future brewers, Annelies recommended dedicating enough time to research especially when it comes to choosing a location.

“City plan zoning has to be right and the location has to be spot on. We are pretty alone here in central Gold Coast whilst most of the Gold Coast breweries are down south in Burleigh and Miami.

“So for the community, we’ve seen many comments saying finally there’s something here,” she explained.

In terms of the future plans, Madocke has already received enquiries from interstate but for now, the team is happy to focus on the new brewpub.

“We do have major plans in the pipeline already. But let’s see within six months time where we are.

“It’s so overwhelming although it’s great when you walk around your taproom and customers have a smile on their face and are happy there’s something different in the market.”

Madocke Brewing Co. is open from Wednesday to Sunday at 286 Southport Nerang Rd, Ashmore QLD.

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