Malt Brewing Co rebrands after getting tap from Lion

Revel Brewing is the new name for Malt Brewing in Bulimba, Brisbane

Revel Brewing Company is the new identity of Brisbane start-up Malt Brewing, which agreed to rebrand after Lion Beer Australia moved to protect its Malt Shovel Brewery trade mark.

Malt Brewing learnt of Lion’s intellectual property challenge shortly before the Bulimba company launchedin December 2017, co-founder Jay Neven told Brews News.

He said the founders were quick to concede Lion’s point about the potential for confusion with the Malt Shovel brand, opting to cut their losses and come up with a new name.

“We learned through this process that we didn’t have a brand that was strong enough to distinguish us in the marketplace,” Neven said.

“I actually think it was a blessing in disguise.”

He said Lion had been very amiable throughout and had actually assisted the smaller brewer with the rebranding.

“They said, ‘we’re going to help you out throughout the entire process. We’ll do all your legal searches for you and we’ll help you navigate the IP minefield’,” he said.

“I’m not bent out of shape about it, I’m actually really positive. I think we’ve ended up with something a lot more lively, a lot more relevant.

“It still has the same passion and spark about what we’re doing, maybe with a bit more uniqueness in the marketplace.”

Neven said the company had settled on Revel for its new brand after starting with a list of 116 names, which was gradually narrowed to a shortlist that received IP scrutiny.

Revel Brewing logo

An alternative presentation of the new Revel Brewing logo

“Revel means to enjoy yourself in a lively way, especially with drinking and dancing. As soon as we saw that I thought, ‘I love a good revel – that’s what I’m all about’,” said Neven.

He said the IP dispute has been the only negative from the company’s first few months of operation.

“We’ve been held at the gate, because I haven’t wanted to push ‘Malt’ too heavily, because I’ve known it’s going away,” he said.

“The reception from our locals and our community and surrounds has been awesome. I see the same people coming in, week in and week out, the feedback we’ve been having on our beers has been absolutely amazing,” said Neven.

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