Mash Brewing hosts women and craft beer tastings

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“Women and Craft Beer”
Special Ladies only Beer Tasting Evenings

Mash Brewing, who have been producing quality craft beer in the Swan Valley for just over 6 years (and with venues also in Bunbury and Rockingham) produce, on average, 3,600 litres of beer a week. However, although half of Mash’s customers are female, nowhere near this amount drink their beer, so they thought it was about time that statistic was changed and have set out to change women’s perception of beer!

Special Women Only Tasting Evenings will be held at the Swan Valley venue on 1st and 8th August with Groups of around 30 women at a time participating in fun informal tastings. The Head Brewer will give a brief talk about each beer and female guests will be encouraged to discuss each beer.

Sharon Welburn, Marketing Co-ordinator…“Before working at Mash, I thought all beers tasted pretty much the same, but now that I get the opportunity to try different beers all the time, I am surprised by the different flavours. I really think if females tried our beer, there would be at least one style that they would really enjoy. ”

The current range of beer at Mash Brewing has many styles and ranges from, “Freo Doctor” an easy drinking pale lager to the chocolatey but remarkably light and drinkable “Koffee Stout” and finally “Tank 8”, a Belgian Blonde Ale.

A popular choice for females at the brewery is Mash’s Apple Cider, “Crush” and Pear Cider, “Press”. The venue also hosts many hens and female birthday parties and get togethers.

“Being in this industry for 6 years, I know many females that love craft beer, it’s just a matter of getting people to leave their perception of what “beer” should smell and taste like at the door and I think they would find craft beer quite approachable. ” Charlie Hodgson, Head Brewer says.

It is hoped that interest in these special tasting evenings continues and that they will be held every 3 or so months.

With the information received from the female tasting evenings, there may even be the possibility of brewing a “Women’s Choice Beer”.

To find out more about how to be involved in these beer tastings, please go to phone 9296 5588.

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