Melbourne brewpub Two Rupees opens its doors

Two Rupees

Two Sri Lankan entrepreneurs have launched the Two Rupees Brewing Co in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton.

Like many, the brewery was launched out of love of beer and homebrewing which founders Danny Perera and Amila Mendis did from 2013, before taking the leap and registering Two Rupees a the end of 2016.

Both originally moved to Melbourne in 2004, Perera as a student intending to study hospitality, while Mendis moved over with his family.

“I went on to work in the hospitality industry in bars, clubs and cafes and Amila had a career previously in banking. We both loved beer and the home brewing process is where our passion started,” explained Perera.

Perera said Two Rupees had the “usual hiccups” of opening a new business including getting the right permits as well as marketing through social media and word-of-mouth.

“There were certainly challenges with the local council and getting the required permits to trade within an industrial zone within certain times, but [we] have overcome these challenges and believe the area suits our demographic.”

The area itself was a massive selling point to the Two Rupees team.

“Melbourne thrives on the craft beer industry and we are lucky we are the only one of it’s kind in the Clayton area,” Perera said.

“We’re close by to Monash University which is one of the largest in Victoria and have had a lot of positive feedback from the locals. We have quickly become the ‘after work drinks’ hot spot.”

They opened their doors to the public in July 2019, and they are already making plans to expand from the taproom.

“The next step is to obtain a permit to serve food and we are hoping to get a food truck vibe and provide all types of cuisines,” said Perera.

“We were lucky enough to have some savings to finance our brew kit from Spark Brew Engineering and with the help also of a small cleaning business Amila and I started with a few other partners between 2014 and 2018.”

They installed a 5hL, two-vessel brewpub-specification retail brewing system from Spark. Brett Matthews, market development executive at Spark, said the team had provided detailed installation instructions enabling the Two Rupees team to keep trade costs to a minimum.

“Their brewery allows them to brew consistent, reproducible, world class beer in a very small space – around half of what would normally be needed – and to create a vibrant craft brewing hub in their neighbourhood,” he said.

As for what’s on the beer menu, the Two Rupees team are into their sessionable ales.

“We currently have a Pilsner, Red Ale, Wheat, Brown Ale, Lager, an IPA and an Easy Ale – we love the session beers as they are easy to drink with a lower alcohol content.”

Two Rupees is located at 1/69 Renver Rd, Clayton VIC 3168.

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