Melbourne’s oldest independent brewery launches rebrand

It seems to be the season of the re-brand with 3 Ravens Brewery the latest to launch a new look for its ‘caw’ range.

General Manager Nathan Liascos said that as Melbourne’s oldest independent brewery, 3 Ravens has worked to evolve with market changes since its inception in 2003..

“A brand refresh has been on the cards for a while,” he explained.

“After 15 years with the same logo, we thought it was time to ruffle our own feathers.”

Nathan felt it was time to look at the bigger picture.

“It’s exciting to now be able to share a brand image that accurately reflects the product, character and values of the brand moving forward.”

3 Ravens worked in collaboration with consultants across brand strategy, creative direction and design to produce a product more representative of 3 Ravens in 2018.

“Our brand didn’t represent who we were,” 3 Ravens brewer Bill Armstrong said. “It was tired, stuffy.”

While maintaining a focus on exploring flavours and experimenting with technique, 3 Ravens have sought to evolve with the times.

The core range is aimed at bringing newcomers onto the craft beer scene and is designed to satisfy an ‘Australian’ palate.

“Australian beer drinkers are used to low bitterness and fruity hops,” Bill says.

“We are championing New World ingredients (such as hops from Australia, New Zealand and America) in pale, balanced and sessionable beers that are full flavoured, refreshing and a little lighter in alcohol,” Head Brewer Brendan O’Sullivan said.

Their core range comprises an unfiltered Australian ‘Thornbury’ Pilsner, an easy-drinking beer with firm bitterness and a clean finish; a Tropical Pale Ale, a mellow beer with low bitterness and juicy fruit; and a New World IPA, a lean malt-based beer with light honey sweetness and assertive clean bitterness.

The brewery has moved to packaging exclusively in cans and kegs, with product quality, environmental sustainability and Australia’s outdoor lifestyle at the forefront of this decision.

The colour palette “takes inspiration from Australia’s magical sunrises and sunsets,” Nathan told Brews News.

“The world of the Raven is the world of the sky.”

The emphasis has been on brewing beer that everyone can enjoy, without compromising on flavour. Much of this comes down to the fact that “snobby beer drinkers aren’t loyal at all,” Bill says.

It’s all about having a “go to” beer.

The 3 Ravens brand is steeped in literary mythology. Hailing back to the time of Norsemen, the brewery is named after Odin’s Ravens Huginn and Muninn. Said to have the gift of speech, the ravens would fly across the world in pursuit of the secret to human happiness. Huginn and Muninn are later joined by a third Raven sent by Loki.

“The story is much like our own,” Nathan says.

Just like the 3 Ravens formed to combine sight, knowledge and creativity to concoct a magic potion, a group of friends in a Thornbury basement came together to create unique Australian beers.

If you look closely, you can see the three ravens on the can. The first looks backwards remembering tradition, the second looks forwards continuing to push boundaries, and the third looks forwards and upside down searching for new ways to develop products.

“Here’s to passion, hard work, good times and the 3 Raven’s potion for human happiness – great beer.”

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