Membership up 34 per cent at Pink Boots Australia

Pink Boots Australia membership had risen 34 per cent in the past year, to 409 members the association’s AGM heard today.

Held as part of BrewCon 2019, President Alli Macdonald told the AGM about how the board intended to maintain and support growth ahead of the organisation’s 10th year in Australia.

“With all this growth comes the need for sustainability, which has been the focus for the board this year,” she told the AGM.

Pink Boots has grown massively over the past year, she said, highlighting the fastest growing state – Queensland – which has 36 members, and 61 members in the second fastest-growing region, New South Wales.

Also at the event vice presidents Corinna Steeb and Annabel Meagher stepped down as board members. Meagher, co-founder, and manager of brewing operations and technology at Himmel Hund Brewing joined the board in 2017 and worked to support Pink Boots members in growing their technical brewing knowledge.

Steeb, co-founder and CEO at Prancing Pony Brewery in Adelaide Hills also joined in 2017, and has become a “vocal advocate for female beer professionals”.

“The organisation is nothing without the people that contribute to it,” Macdonald said.

“Their experience has been invaluable and I thank them for that.”

Selena Henshall of Bintani gave a review and said the focus would be on growing the knowledge of members through the next year.

“The focus will be on sustainability and delivering more. More training, more mentorship and scholarship opportunities, as well as networking and social events.”

This year the Pink Boots team collaborated with breweries across Australia to develop the knowledge of its members and promote the organisation through collaborations, like the Spiced Dunkel Weizen Bock from Holgate Brewhouse, Island Time with Stomping Ground and the Saint Hildegard XPA charity beer with Cryer Malt and Yakima Chief Hops.

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