Moo Brew re-releases award-winning hefeweizen

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In the name of David Walsh, craft beer and the holy house of Moo Brew, the Hefeweizen is back. Rejoice!

In these unprecedented times, a miracle has indeed occurred. After ditching the style mid-last year, Moo Brew is rereleasing their award-winning Hefeweizen for a sacred limited season. A second coming, if you will.

Much-missed by its evangelical fans, the Hefeweizen is known for the brew’s creamy body and cloudy appearance. The beer’s low, clean hop bitterness is matched by some slight malty sweetness and a balance of bubbles. With textbook banana aroma, spicy clove tones and vanilla notes, it’s a verified summer sipper.

Jack Viney, Head Brewer, Moo Brew, says: ‘The Hef has certainly inspired a devoted following. Hopefully this short-term resurrection will appease those Hef fans who continue to request we brew it again.’

In anticipation of the ‘Hefurrection’, Moo Brew has been asking Hef devotees to confirm their faith to the beer gods, with the distribution of Hef-inspired prayer candles. For those seeking guidance from a higher beer-loving power, a theological sermon—broadcasting from—is also spreading the good word of the Hef’s return.

At Hobart’s iconic New Sydney Hotel, a singing ‘tapernacle’ will praise each pouring of the Hefeweizen. Designed by artist Callum Preston, the heavenly ‘tapernacle’ emits a holy chorus as the beer tap is pulled, bringing joy to the weary and the thirsty (but perhaps not the pub’s bar staff).

Moo Brew’s Hefeweizen was previously awarded Best Wheat Beer at the 2014 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA).

Stocks of Moo Brew’s Hefeweizen are limited, with the Hef only returning to shelves temporarily (like all good things). The prodigal beer is available online and from all good bottle shops and select venues.

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