Moon Dog goes carbon neutral

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The Moon Dog Brewing team has committed to doing their bit to help combat climate change and are now a carbon neutral organisation as of early 2022.

With environmental sustainability at the core of Moon Dog’s business, the project was initiated in December 2020 and is a staff-led initiative, with feedback gathered from staff in all aspects of the business emphasising the importance of addressing and reducing Moon Dog’s impact on the environment.

“Our journey to becoming a Carbon Neutral brewery started in 2020 when as a team we realised that we can achieve creating delicious beers and seltzers, while at the same time reducing our impact on the environment”, says van Buuren.

The internal project team headed by Co-Founder Karl van Buuren together with external agency Point Advisory audited the brewery’s carbon footprint and developed strategies and targets to reduce that footprint to officially become a carbon neutral organisation.

“As a Moon Dog team led initiative, achieving carbon neutrality is the first step in our journey to reduce our impact on the environment and ensuring our processes are sustainable into the future. Further work is being undertaken with our packaging and raw material suppliers to ensure that all aspects of our supply chain are focused on environmental sustainability”, says van Buuren.

The Moon Dog Team have achieved carbon neutrality by a number of key activities including:

  • Introducing initiatives to reduce key emissions areas during the manufacturing of beverages.
  • Offsetting projected emissions by investing in renewable energy projects in the Philippines.
  • Working with all suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of raw ingredients and packaging materials.
  • Moved over to a completely carbon neutral electricity supply for all brewery and venue sites.
  • The installed solar power system in Moon Dog World in Preston has generated 87,000 kWh of energy in the last 12 months which is equivalent to 83 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided.

What’s next for Moon Dog Brewing?

“An ongoing carbon reduction action plan will ensure that every decision we make as an organisation maintains focus on reducing our carbon footprint, and that we are investing in infrastructure to continually improve our processes and our impact on the environment”, says van Buuren.

  • By July 2022, Moon Dog will achieve official certification from Climate Active acknowledging their commitments to reducing emissions. In order to keep this certification, the team will have yearly audits to ensure they are maintaining their carbon neutral status through Climate Active.
  • Final implementations and continued effort to reduce carbon in the brewery and both venues.
  • Reassess and consider all packaging material, third party suppliers, transport and raw materials.

The Carbon Neutral Beer: ‘The Future is Bright’

To coincide with the brewery becoming carbon neutral, Moon Dog have created The Future is Bright Solar Powered IPA.

Moon Dog used their 317 solar panels/100kW solar inverter to help brew this bright and juicy IPA.

The Future is Bright is made at Moon Dog’s Brewery in Preston which uses power generated from their solar power system to run and provide cooling for the wort and fermentation process.

All electricity used for the brew is either sourced from solar panels, or from a carbon neutral supplier. 100% of the natural gas used as heating during the brewing process is offset to produce a fully carbon neutral drop.

The Future is Bright is crisp and fruity with hints of grapefruit, mango, orange and stone fruit coming from the hops.

The Future is Bright is available from Moon Dog’s online store & independent bottle-o’s across Australia. RRP $20.See here for more information:

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