National ambitions for Hobart’s newest brewery

logoHBCThe newly established Hobart Brewing Company hopes to make packaged product available nationally once it has shored up its local market, according to co-founder Brendan Parnell.

Runningan 18 hectolitre DME brewery and four 65 hectolitre fermenters, HBC opened its taproom at Macquarie Point on the Hobart waterfront in March.

“We are already selling at a number of pubs within Hobart and beyond. We want to brew for the local market first and foremost,but will have enough headroom in the brewery to send plenty of kegs to Melbourne and beyond,” Parnell told Australian Brews News.

“Packaging will come in the medium term. When we package, we want to ensure we can supply across Australia.”

The new Hobart Brewing Company taproom

The new Hobart Brewing Company taproom

Parnell’s partners at HBC are brewer Scott Overdorf, formerly of Moo Brew, along with architect and builder Donald Gallagher and his wife Dominique Hurley, who is a director.

HBC’s core range comprises the Harbour Master Tasmanian Ale, Iron Pot Rye Porter, Saint Christopher Cream Ale and Xtra Tasmanian Pale Ale.

On Sunday it launched a collaboration brew, Shake ‘n Grind Gose, with Adelaide’s Wheaty Brewing Corps.

“Our head brewer brewed a sour beerin collaboration with Wheaty Brewing Corps of Adelaide last year,” Parnell said.

“The Wheaty crew were in Hobart so we decided to brew another sour collab down here. The Gose is kettle soured with Tasman Sea Salt, Tasmanian Pepperberries and coriander.

“While the sourness and additions are all evident, it is well balanced and isn’t out of place when drunk alongside our core beers.”

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