New Australasia appointment at NZ Hops

Glynn Rowell has been appointed Australian sales director at NZ Hops.

NZ Hops has seen some changes across its team recently with the departure of CEO Craig Orr in May and the appointment of Alana Riley as shareholder director earlier this month. At the same time, Paul Dalzell resigned from the board after 14 years.

Glynn Rowell is joining NZ Hops from Cassels Brewing Co, where he served as New Zealand sales manager. He previously worked at The Best Beverage Company and Red Bull New Zealand.

“The thought of representing a great NZ product and brand locally and internationally excited me,” he explained.

Rowell aims to get his boots on the ground in the market initially.

“My first objective is to get out in the market, spend time with the brewers, and start developing relationships.

“I’m keen to understand what our brewers really want from us and how we can deliver our exceptional hops with best-in-class customer service.”

He also has plans to maintain NZ Hops’ growth.

“There is now a lot of competition in the market, we need to ensure we are delivering on quality, product and service.

“It is exciting times for the NZ hop industry with NZ beer styles being recognised internationally,” Rowell explained.

“Innovation in the use of hops and hop products around the world excites me and will deliver increased demand for the quality hops our growers produce.

“I see the Australian market as a huge opportunity and we have a great team there that are excited about the future.”

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