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Strawberry Sour, Beerfarm

Strawberry Sour is Beerfarm’s latest limited edition strawberry and lime Sour Ale.

1.4 tonnes of strawberry were added to the tank along with a hint of lime and mint to create its fruity flavour.

At 4.6% abv it was brewed in support of the farmers behind Mal’s Black Label strawberries.

Pale, Cara-pils, Wheat and Rolled Oats Malt are used along with Magnum and Sorachi Ace hops.

Blush Wild Berry Sour Ale, Holgate Brewhouse

Holgate Brewhouse have released a new Sour Ale, inspired by their original Hop Tart Sour Ale.

The 4.6% abv wild berry take on the original includes raspberry and blueberry to create a fruity flavour.

Australian Pale, Munich and Wheat malts are combined with Ella, Citra, Galaxy and Topaz Hops.

The brew is currently available at select bottleshops.

Sabarillo, Sauce Brewing Co

Sabarillo is the third release in Sauce Brewing Co’s dual-hop double dry-hopped series.

It has been double dry-hopped with a combination of Sabro and Amarillo hops to produce a tropical flavour with a hint of coconut.

At 6.9% abv the special batch is currently available in Sydney and will be available nationwide next week.

Promised Land, The Grifter Brewing Company

Marrickville’s Grifter Brewing Company has launched its own take on the English pale ale.

Gifter says it’s sessionable and balanced, an all-English recipe using Golden Promise malt.

The 4.5% abv ale retains fruity esters from the yeast and a mix of herbal and citrus hop aromas, it said.

Promised Land is available on tap at the brewery bar for a limited time only.

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