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Urban Alley Brewery ‘Summer Kiwi Sour’

Australia is once again borrowing from its neighbours across the pond, with this latest beer from Melbourne’s Urban Alley Brewery.

Its Summer Kiwi Sour is a’green and gold’ kettle sour brewed with classic noble hops and German ale yeast. Summer Kiwi Sour comes in at 3.5% ABV and is a light bodied brew exhibiting notes of kiwi and pear.

Sauce Brewing Co ‘Trubble & Squeak’

Sydney’s Sauce Brewing Co last week relaunched its Trubble & Squeak mango double NEIPA, which the brewery said was its biggest hit in 2018.

Originally brewed for GABS 2018, Sauce has taken the brew and beefed it up to 9% ABV and also adding a big dose of real mango. The Sauce crew are calling this beer “super smooth, juicy, fluffy and dangerously drinkable”.

Nail Brewing ‘Red Ale’

Western Australian brewery Nail Brewing has today re-released its Red Ale. Debuted in 2014 as the fourth beer in Nails’ Brew Log Collection, the American-inspired Red Ale now has a whole new look in cans.

Red Ale has been dry hopped with US hop Citra, lending it a fruity aroma, smooth mouthfeel and a hint of caramel towards the end. This brew comes in at 6% ABV.

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