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Bridge Road Brewers ‘Africola’ Chinotto Saison

Named after a South African restaurant in Adelaide, this Chinotto Saison from Bridge Road exhibits the classic texture and aroma of a Belgian Saison.

Africola is described by the brewery as vibrant, creative, raw and rich, and as something to complement not compete for the loudest voice at the dinner table.

“Nikki, wearer of most hats of the awesomeness that is Africola, was really keen to focus on the textural side of beer, rather than a big hop bomb that one might normally go with to compete with big flavoured food. We decided on making a Saison as it is a style that in our minds really holds its own when it comes to texture and layers of flavour.”

BentSpoke Brewing Co ‘Easy’ Cleansing Ale

BentSpoke’s new Easy Ale release is a “flavourful” offering to suit the growing demand for mid-strength beers.

“BentSpoke beers have the reputation of being big and bold, but we wanted to balance our range with something more sessionable. So we now we have Easy, maybe not so big, but just as bold.”

BentSpoke’s motivation is to keep drinkers hydrated but in “low gear” throughout the summer months. Dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic, Easy tastes and smells like a tropical fruit salad and comes in at 3.2% ABV at 22 IBU.Available from December 5.

Sauce Brewing Co ‘Dipapotamus’ West Coast IIPA

No less than six American hop varieties went into Sauce’ new-release Dipapotamus. Fruity on the nose with a firm but balanced bitterness, this brew is not for the “faint-hearted” at 8.2% ABV.

Dipapotamus launched yesterday at the brewery and is available in stores from today.

Moon Dog Craft Brewery ‘Son of a Plum’ sour ale

Returning for another summer, this peach and plum sour ale lends a balanced tarty fruitiness to the palate. At 4.5% ABV, this little number is now available, although not in Western Australia until December 7.

Moon Dog Craft Brewery ‘Two Wolf Moon’ Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail Ale

This Cocktail Ale release is a Moon Dog collaboration with Patient Wolf distillery, whereby it has been brewed using sloe berries and lemon juice. At 8.5% ABV, this Cocktail Ale is described as “light, crisp, tart and refreshing”.

Two Wolf Moon is available nationally as of yesterday.

Bad Shepherd Brewing Co ‘Victoria Pale Ale’

Bad Shepherd’s latest Pale Ale release is made with 100 per cent, actually, Victorian ingredients.

Brewed with Victorian grown and Geelong kilned pale and wheat malt and High Country Vic Secret and Topaz hops, what makes this pale truly Victorian is its yeast. Bad Shepherd first learned of a Melbourne yeast strain made by bacteriologist Auguste de Bavay in 1889, through beer historian and author Peter Symons.

Rediscovered by Symons, Melbourne No.1 pure ale yeast has been credited by the author with lifting the quality of Victorian colonial beer to a world-class standard. Unused since 1936 and preserved at White Labs in San Diego, Bad Shepherd has exclusively propagated the Melbourne No.1 to create the Victoria Pale Ale.

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