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Sauce Brewing Co | You Bruty Brut IPA

For its first brut style, Sauce opted for a little body at SG 1.004 with “massive dry hop additions” of Mosaic and Denali, which feature front and centre. This delivers a slick mouthfeel that’s neither watery nor cloying. This is a keg only limited-release beer available in NSW and QLD, and comes in at 7 per cent ABV.

Stone & Wood | The Prequel

It’s back for a second time this year to celebrate Galaxy hops and hazy beers. The Prequel is an ultra-dry-hopped Australian-style ale that pours hazy gold and full strength. It has 25 times more Galaxy hops than Pacific Ale, and the brewery says 99.5 per cent of which were added into the whirlpool for maximum flavour and aroma. The additions of Galaxy hops offer aromas of passionfruit, pineapple, mango and citrus. Its bold hop character is balanced by a low IBU of 45, finishing dry and crisp at 6.8 per cent ABV. Launched on August 14, The Prequel is a tap-only release for the east coast.

Otherside Brewing Co | Lineup IIPA

Otherside Brewing today announced the launch of its double IPA to coincide with Perth’s Craft Beer Festival on this weekend. Lineup is a big, bold and fruity IIPA with an ABV of ~8.2 per cent. It has hints of grapefruit, rockmelon, citrus, dank and pine. It is golden in colour with a fruity up-front aroma but finishes nice and dry.

Ballistic Beer Co | Sleep When You’re Dead NEIPA

Ballistic’s Sleep When You’re Dead series of beers are hop-loaded, 100 per cent cold shipped and sold within eight weeks of production. This NEIPA is the third in the Sleep When You’re Dead series and it’s raising the bar. This juice bomb exhibits all of the hallmarks of the contemporary New England style – tropical fruit nose, soft, fluffy palate and haze as far as the eye can see. Ballistic is celebrating the launch of its latest beer in Victoria tonight, at Mr West Bar and Bottleshop – with the only keg of Sleep When You’re Dead NEIPA in the State.

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